Useful information

Relevant tax rates and tax exempt income/cost in 2023

Income tax 20%
Tax exempt income/month max 654 Euros
Tax exempt income/year max 7848 Euros
Minimum salary rate/month 725 Euros
Tax-exempt rate of daily allowance abroad (1-15/16-…days)/day 50/32 Euros
Compensation of using personal vehicle (with travel diary) 30 cents/km
Compensation of using personal vehicle (with travel diary) max/month 335 Euros
Social tax 33%
Minimum social security tax obligation/month 215,82 Euros
Tax-exempt rate of promotional gift/month 10 eurot
Tax-exempt rate of guest reception costs/month 32 Euros
Additional tax-exempt rate of guest reception costs per month as percent of disbursement taxed by social tax 2%
Unemployment insurance premium for employee 1,6%
Unemployment insurance premium for employer 0,8%
Funded pension payment 2%
Obligation to register as taxable person (taxable supply rate per year) 40 000 Euros
VAT (standard) 20%
VAT (exceptions) 9% or 0%
Minimum share capital 2 500 Euros
Minimum stock capital 25000 Euros
Minimum rate of loan interest 2%